Basement Waterproofing Your Home, Apartment, or Commercial Building

basement waterproofing sump pump The benefits of having a sump pump to control your water will include those of health and property.
  • Keep cracks from forming in your basement. A sump pump will waterproof your basement and keep the structure itself intact. An uncontrolled water problem cause puddling on the floor of your basement, and it will eventually cause cracks and openings on the walls and floors of your basement. Water, moisture, and condensation, will cause expansion and contraction within the structure of the concrete itself, and eventually these cracks will grow over time. Eventually, this will present as an eyesore to you and a prospective buyer to your home, and eventually, the whole foundation of your home could be compromised. Another benefit to keeping cracks from forming in your basement will be pest prevention as well. Insects and pests such as mice have to get into homes some way, and they do not just magically fly through the walls. If there is food and water inside your home, they will do everything to find a way in. If there are cracks in your foundation, they will exploit this weakness to your outer defenses. Waterproof your basement and keep this shield a solid.
  • Prevention of peeling pain on walls and floors. There are products out there such as Damplock Concrete Waterproofing Paint from Seal Krete that will be able to stop a certain amount of moisture and water pressure. But these products can only go so far, and these is only a cetrain water they will be able to hold back. Imagine trying to stop a freight train with a BB Gun. With a true waterproofing system, you will be able to draw the water away from the soil and foundation.
  • Prevention of insect infestation. Insects and termites need water to survive, and they will migrate to places that contain food and water. Insects will infest migrate to wet places, and they will hang out there and eventually lay their eggs there. If you canget rid of the water problem, you will probably be able to fix that termite and insect problem as well.
  • Peace of mind, no matter what. You may not currently have a water problem, and you may never have had one. Regardless, there is water out there, and it does want to get into your home. You have hear and read about the horror stories in the newspapers in the paper and on TV of people losing their homes, and of mold problems from water problems that have started in wet basements. If you know someone in your area that has had a water problem, or if you live in an area that has floods, you may want to take extra steps to protect your home. The threat to your home could potentially be tragic, while the cost and time involved to waterproof your home may be comparatively low. In fact sump pump models such as the Sump Pump 1/3 HP, 10 Foot cord, vertical float switch fromPower-Flo only cost $185.00.