Basement Water Problem

Basement Water Problem Will a sump pit and sump pump drainage system help me with my basement water problem? At Sump Pump 1, we can correctly diagnose and fix the source of your basement water problem, or prevent a future one. Call us today to come out to your home, townhouse, or apartment to let us evaluate your basement or foundation. We will tell you the appropriate system you will need to get rid of your water problem forever. We offer free inspections to the property owners who want to keep their families in a safe home, free of mold and basement water. We began as a basement waterproofing company in New England and now service homeowners throughout the US. Our company is well trained to do fast and efficient services, and gen in and out of there quickly and safely.

We have the well trained staff and state of the art technology that is necessary to resolve your basement water problem. Water and fire are the two biggest threats homeowners have to account for to minimize the possibility that something bad will happen in your most important investment. Water is a common basement problem, and may affect the structural integrity or your safety. No type of basement foundation (block, concrete, stone) will be completely immune from letting water in, and there are things you can do to help your basement walls and floors in keeping the water out. We offer sump pump and other basement waterproofing solutions to keep the walls and floors of your basement dry. After our work is finished, the water won't be able to seep through the cracks in the floor and the walls because it won't be there!

Fixing a wet basement by yourself is a daunting task, and you will need the assistance of technology and experienced people to get the job done. We recommend that you seek the services of our company for a free evaluation to correctly diagnose the problem before any typo of job is done to correct it. Your top priority will be to find a company that is fully licensed and experienced, and only works with the finest (but economical) systems that will last for long years after the job is finished and the system is in place and working.

We install sump pump systems using corrosion-free housing materials, and have a flow rate that far exceeds the amount of water that flows into the ground water around your home, even in heavy rain conditions. After a thorough evaluation of your waterproofing needs, we will describe the different types of sump pumps available, and recommend an appropriate system depending on your specific needs. Our experience and knowledge of state regulations will be especially valuable to you, as we can make the necessary measurements and research for the local building codes and regulations to select the right system that will serve your needs and building code requirements. When we are in your home, we will evaluate your existing plumbing configuration, and will evaluate your need for rewiring or dedicating electrical circuit to supply your sump pump system with the necessary power necessary to pump for 24 hour cycles if necessary.