Installing your own Sump Pump

do it yourself sump pump installation Many families today are looking for ways to expand their living space without moving outward or to a new property. If your family is growing and you can't afford a new home or the cost of a new addition, consider refinishing you're basement. Basement refinishing may be more affordable than you think, and you may even be able to do most of the work yourself. If the smell of a damp musty basement has been holding you back from doing anything with your basement, consider installing a sump pump. A sump pump transfer any water that has collected in your basement, and even below it, and pump it out away from your home and sometimes out with your water waste system. No mater what your water problem is, it can probably be solved with a single sump pump. Sump pumps will be much cheaper alternatives to French drain systems, and they will do the job well enough in most instances. Here are some do it yourself steps to installing your own sump pump.

Installing your own sump pump. Before a system can be installed, you will need to cut a hole through the concrete that will be large enough for a pit. Usually, you will want to cut the hold in one of the 4 corners of the house. The site of cutting will depend on where the majority of the water pools when you have a water problem, and where the lowest elevation of the floor is. The area of lowest elevation will probable be the best place to cut your hole. When you have located a site to cut, you should cut 8-12 inches from the foundation walls. Next, you should lay out the area of the concrete floor to be removed, leaving room for at least 6 inches around the pit. To excavate the hole in the concrete floor, you will need a concrete saw or a jackhammer. Both of these industrial tools can be rented at home improvement stores such as home depot. Before planning on making the cuts in the concrete floor you should ventilate the area by opening the bulkhead door, and protect your head and face from smoke or shards of rock/concrete that may fly. The jack hammering will produce a lot of smoke, and it will be quite loud, so you may want to purchase from protection for your ears as well. Some items that you may want to wear while you are cutting include goggles, earphones of ear plugs, gloves, and dust mask for your mouth to protect from dust.

Cut the perimeter with the concrete cutting saw or jackhammer, and then slice through the interior in 10 to 12 inch sections. When the entire area is ground up into loose fragments, drive the jackhammer in at an angle and pry up to loosen the first few pieces of concrete flooring. Then, manually remove the remaining pieces of concrete fragments and put them aside for removal.

If you don't have access, physical means, or time to access and operate these cutting tools, there are many companies in your area that can perform this part of the installation. Some local companies that specialize in concrete cutting and coring include Affordable Concrete Cutting, Witch Enterprises, and Kidder Concrete.