Homeowner vs. Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Homeowner vs. Basement Waterproofing Contractor for basement waterproofing Savvy homeowners that are skilled in many areas of home improvement may be able to perform their own sump pump installation effectively, but it can be a complicated project to do on your own. Experienced basement waterproofing contractors will usually know which products are the most durable and work the best, and they have become very good at their craft, through many years of trial and error. The difference between a homeowner or a contractor putting in a system is that the professional does this for a living that is all that he/she does. Many basement waterproofing contractors offer systems with long term maintenance plans that are guaranteed for a certain number of years, or even for the lifetime of your structure. And that is really what the homeowner should be looking for. Homeowners should be looking for someone who is willing to stand behind the system, and make sure that is works properly, after it is built.

If you do go with a qualified contractor, you will be working with people who understand how the all the components, the potentials, the dangers if things go wrong.

You may try to select a builder, carpenter, or plumber you are already familiar with to do the project instead of a company that specializes in basement waterproofing. It can be done, but the reason that you choose the waterproofing professional is the warrantee, the peace of mind that you know that it is installed properly. With the warrantee and experience of a specialist, you will have someone to call, who is available and can immediately diagnose and fix the problem, if something goes wrong. You will want someone who is available, who can deal with any issues that can occur. Think of it. If there is a trespasser in the house, you can call the police. If you are stuck in a ditch somewhere, you can call AAA or a tow truck. If your house is on fire, you can call the fire department. Who are you going to wall in the event of heavy rains? The plumber that installed your sump pump, or a plumber to take care of emergency maintenance. Most likely, if your sump pump fails you at the worst time, especially in the event of a severe storm/heavy rains, your plumber is going to have his hands full, an not going to be able to provide immediate service. If you have emergency service written into a professional basement waterproofing contract, they are contractually obligated to be there for you when things go wrong.

There are two ways that sump pump systems can fail: installation error, and failure of the engine of the sump pump. Many professional basement waterproofing companies have specific training programs for inexperienced new hires, and experience guidelines for new hires who are expected to perform at high levels. Highly professional basement waterproofing companies have stringent training for their employees, certification testing. Good waterproofing companies use the best sump pumps on the market, many which aren't available at general store home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Loews. You need a professional to install these systems for this reason.