Sump Pump for Mold and your Musty Smelling Basement

sump pump for mold and musty basement You should consider installing a sump pump to avoid a mold problem and to get of that musty basement smell. You may not currently have a problem with water in your basement, and in fact you might have never had to deal with puddles or flooding in it. At the same time, you might live in a flood zone in the United States, and your basement might have that musty wet odor smell when you go down into it. To get rid of that musty odor smell, and for that peace of mind, you should consider installing a sump pump to put those worries to rest. It has been estimated that 80 to 90 percent of all homes with basements will have a water problem in them sometime within the life of the home. While there are some pretty exotic and expensive ways of dealing with basement waterproofing, a sump pump has been found to usually deal with this problem.

While some homes are more at risk than others of developing a water problem, all homes will carry some sort of risk. That being said, some homes are more at risk than others, due to the amount of rainfall in particular areas and the geography of the homes they are sitting on. Most water will come from melting snow or rain. And for every inch of rain the average roof will shed 1,000 gallons of water. Thus If there is 20 inches of rain that falls on your area per year, that will be 20,000 gallons of water that will collect on your roofs, collect in your gutters, and flow down your gutter pipes. Most of this water will be absorbed into the soil and surround the walls of your basement, looking to find its way in. If enough water collects around your home, the water or water moisture will find its way in unless you do something to stop it. Eventually, many people will find themselves with a wet, stinky, or moldy basement even if they have never had an OBVIOUS water problem.

Of course, walking into a basement up to your knees in water is the most obvious sign of a serious problem. This is an emergency that will have to be dealt with from several companies that will have to deal with experts to immediately pump out the water and to deal with the water damage. But with this article and website, we hope to convince you to waterproof your home before you ever find yourself in one of those kinds of messes. Water, moisture, and humidity can damage, crack, and pollute the concrete flooring of your basement, and whatever nice flooring you have invested into covering it. The moisture and wet air can cover the walls and insulation, the walls, and even move up into the main body of your house. Besides the damage of your personal property, the damp, musty air may be a threat to your health and the health of your children and family. You may have seen the horror stories and of those black pizza shaped mold pictures on the internet and on those sob stories on Oprah TV shows. You and your home don't have to become one of those statistics, and the solution to your problem may be easier than you think! An inexpensive sump pump may solve your water problems forever. Sump pump models such as the Flotec FP0S2450A 1/3HP Sub Sump Pump in fact cost around $100.