Sump Pump Installation in New England

sump pump installation new england If you live in New England, you probably know someone that has had a problem with water in the last few years or have read about a New England town or city partially submerged in water for a period of time. Recently, New England towns such as Peabody and other cities in the Merrimack valley of Massachusetts have found themselves with some heavy rains that have caused damage after hurricanes and heavy storms. On May 15th 2006, several consecutive days of heavy rains flooded many cities along the east coast of Massachusetts, leaving some residents without their homes in the short term, and others with major water damage to account for in the long term. In some instance, the water level reached so high in some homes that the water would fill up entire basements and even make their way into the first floors of residences.

While the home you live in will probably never take on these extreme levels of water, water in the basement will probably need to be something you will have to think about at some point in the future. A good waterproofing system for your home will be one where the moisture and water on the surface of the floor and even below the floor will need to be collected and pumped away from the house. Sump pump installation in New England will include a system that collects the water on and around the concrete floor of your home and pumps it away from the house. Typically a hole is drilled into your basement floor at the lowest point of elevation. This is where the majority of the water will pool due to gravity. In many cases, the water that collects in this pit and pumped out of the house will sufficiently solve your water problems. In other cases, a trench will be built around the perimeter of the concrete basement, and the water this trench will direct even more water into the pit that has been created, either with a sledge hammer, or a concrete coring tool. Most basement systems rely on a sump pump as the final mechanism after the water has been collected into a sump pit. If you have had recent water damage of water problems in the past, you will want to invest in a sump pump system so you do not have one again. A sump pump is very reliable, and a good one can pump out hundreds of gallons per hour, and thousands a day even in the most severe rainstorms. Consider sump pump systems such as the StormPro 3/4 HP Cast Iron Stainless Steel Sump Pump w/ ION Digital Level Control. This Stormpro has a heavy horsepower motor, and is capable of pumping out 5800+ gallons of water per hour. Now this type of horsepower motor may not be able to keep your basement dry if your home is in one of those rowboat disaster areas, but it will do its job in 99.99% of others. And our company can deliver and install the best sump pumps and install them the same day you call us.