Sump Pump Basics

Sump Pump Basics A sump pump is a machine, powered by a nearby power source in your home, that pumps out water away from your home from a pit located in the basement floor of your home. The sump pit is a hole of a certain depth where the excess water around and under the basement of your home pools and is pumped away from your home using a sump pump. The sump pump pumps the water away from the basement of your home from a pipe that empties the water at a certain distance from your house, or into your water drainage system. A sump pit is created by clearing away a section of your concrete basement and the digging of a hole of a certain depth. Water begins to fill the hole via perimeter drains funneling into the sump pit, or from natural ground water that drains into it via gravity.

Will a sump pump help me with my basement water problem? Yes, in most instances, especially if you have a home where the water in your basement is likely to train into one of the four corners of the foundation. A sump pump may be the final solution to your basement water problem, or it may be one key ingredient in a comprehensive water management solution. A sump pump system may be necessary if you have had basement flooding in the past, or if you live in an area known for flooding in the past. A sump pump may also be a healthy solution if your basement has that damp, moist, musty smell. A sump pump should help to decrease the amount of moisture in the air by lowering the water table under the foundation. The water table basically is the depth into the ground where the earth is saturated with ground water. If a significant portion of the earth and soil around your concrete foundation is saturated with water, it will seep into your basement home through the cracks in the foundation, or become absorbed through the walls at high enough concentrations. If the humidity and concentration of water is high enough, no foundation alone will be sufficient to keep all the water out, no matter what how diligent you are in trying to seal all the cracks and seal the basement floors. To completely waterproof your home, you will need a system that is able to pump the water away from the home at a faster rate that the natural flow of groundwater is able to bring water towards the home. This a where a simple sump pump system or a more comprehensive basement waterproofing system can come in you make your home a safer and cleaner place to live.

Manual sump pumps and automatic sump pumps are the two categories of sump pumps. Both types can be especially beneficial at eliminating your water problem, depending on your specific needs. Manual sump pumps do not begin operating automatically by detecting changes in the water levels in the sump pits, they must be turned off/on automatically. Automatic sump pumps have sensors in the sump pits that automatically begin pumping water once it reaches certain levels.