Sump Pump Installation Boston

Sump Pump Installation Boston We perform basement waterproofing services and sump pump installation in Boston, Massachusetts. Our experience and knowledge of foundation waterproofing solutions helps us to be experts in all areas of our services , and water problems that are unique to the architecture and geography of the greater Boston area. For instance, did you know that Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, with some of the oldest buildings? Also, did you know that there is almost as much water per square mile (41.21 sq mi) within the boundary lines as land (48.23 sq mi) resting and moving in the ocean, rivers and lakes. Another lesser known fact is that much of the land that is now inhabited by residents and workers was once marchland that was filled in by some of the early English settlers to the city. The Boston that we know of today actually has three times as much land mass as originally, by filling in mud flats, marshes, and gaps between wharves along the waterfront.

Though Boston is not well known for frequent flooding and severe rains/hurricanes, the people living in homes in the city and surrounding towns have had to deal with basement water problems on occasion. If your basement has been flooded in the past, or has a damp, unhealthy smell that has you concerned for your family, then you should call us to take care of your needs. We can service and improve on existing sump pump systems in homes, or brand new systems if you don't already have one in place. The sump systems that we install will have excellent performance, take up as little space as possible in your home, and create a cleaner basement.

Sump pumps are usually powered by your home's electricity and may have one of the following add/on products to boost safety/reliability:
  • A battery backup that powers the primary sump pump in the event of a power failure.
  • A backup sump pump that is activated in the event of a failure of the primary sump pump.
One other major difference in the configuration of sump pump systems is whether the sump pump is located on the floor of the basement, or whether it permanently sits in the sump pump dug into the basement accumulate the water in and around the basement foundation. Submersible sump pumps are installed where the water collects below the level of the basement floor, or in the ground where groundwater collects. Both submersible and at floor level pumps have the same float-activated or pressure activated switch.

Our Services. We have the experienced and well-trained staff to fix and prevent moldy floors and walls, wet basements, high moisture levels in the lowest floors of your home. Our services includes concrete cutting and digging out of the concrete floor and soil below, and the installation of curtain drains, French drains, roof drains, and fully functional sump pump systems. We offer our services in Boston and the greater Boston area, including Brookline, Braintree, Charlestown, Somerville , Revere, and beyond!