The Water Table

The Water Table The water table is basically the depth into the ground that the earth is saturated with ground water. Homowners may not be care about what the water table is, but it can have as much of an impact on your basement and home as a flood could. Mold and other natural germs are starved of their ability to grow in surfaces in your home without water. If your basement is dry, ,mold cannot grow. Dry basements will also keep your things down there clean, and it will make your house overall a healthier environment to live in and raise your kids.

Think of your home as a boat floating on the water. Your home foundation, most likely made of concrete or stone, is most likely built into the ground, with the floor and the walls situated below ground level. If the water table height reaches higher that the base of the foundation and up some length of the walls, then you have a potential for a water problem. The water in the saturated soil will work night and day to get into your home, through the smallest cracks. If you want to be diligent about avoiding a basement water problem, then you will want to do one of two things: seal all the cracks in the basement foundation, or install a system that drops the water table below the bottom of the foundation.

A sump pump system and associated piping out of the water away from the home can reduce the water table immediately surrounding the foundation. To solve your water problems completely, you may choose to tackle the problem yourself or seek out contractors that are experts in this home improvement field. There are different systems available that differ in complexity and expense, but all include an electrical pump system that pumps water far enough away from your foundation that it can no longer cause a water problem. The collected water may simply pump the collected ground water into the house's drainage pipe system, and some systems may pipe the water and empty out at a certain distance away from the house. A basement sump pump may be effective in homes located in flood zones, and there the foundation is below the water table. If neither of these conditions apply to your home, a sump pump can also bring you peace of mind to avoid any possibility of having a water problem in the future. You may purchase 1 sump pump or a dual system, with a backup sump pump that automatically begin to pump water in the even of a failure of the primary pump. Some sump pumps have sensors in the pits that collect water to automatically respond to rising water levels and begin pumping. Other pumps can be require an operator to manually turn it on and off.

Sump pumps may also differ in their pump rates, the rate it can pump water in a given amount of time. The pump rate is usually measured in gallons per minute or gallons per hour.