Waterproofing Contractor

Waterproofing Contractor A waterproofing contractor will do two things to shore up your basement and to keep it dry in the future, he/she will seal all the cracks and grooves in the walls and floors, and they will reduce the water pressure in the soil around the foundation. Water pressure will continue to be an issue for the health and humidity levels of home foundations as long as the soil around them are saturated with water. If the moisture levels are high enough, the water will eventually find its way into the basements, no matter what types of plugs and sealants you used to fix the cracks caused by the water pressure.

Don't despair though. You can transform your home into one with a dry basement and with foundation walls that are stable and waterproof. While most concrete and stone foundation sealants are not really viable long term treatments to cracks, some do provide lasting results. B-Dry Rigid Sealer http://www.b-dry.com/foundation-repair.html produces a special waterproofing sealant that resists breaking down and is able to expand and contract with your foundations as the temperatures change. The B-Dry sealer system is a special waterproofing polymer which is formed into sheeting which covers your foundation walls. Rigid Sealer is able to innervate the cracks in the foundation walls, forming long lasting plugs that resist decay. Rigid sealer is also available to treat stone foundation problems.

Water drainage systems. Due to many different reasons, the water table around your home may be high for long percentages of the year at your property. Or the soil around your home may be saturated with water during the rainy season in your neighborhood. Regardless of whether you have dealt with basement water once or as a chronic problem, you are going to want to put this headache away for good. A good water drainage system will take you all the way towards permanently achieving a dry basement. A water drainage system may lower the water table and water pressure that's causing the humidity, bugs, and mold in your basement. A water drainage system includes a sump pump system to pump water at and below the level of the foundation, and to either drain it into existing sewer lines or at a far enough distance from your home, that it no longer affects your home.

Support for Bending or Buckling Walls. If your walls are in such a state of despair that they are bending to some degree, then you have probably had a long standing problem with water pressure around your foundation, even if you didn't know it. If you have ever tried to shovel slushy snow, you can understand how heavy a mixture saturated with water is. Soil with high water pressure levels are very heavy, and push against the walls with all their weight. Eventually, the weight and pressure may force the walls to begin to bulge inwards. Water drainage systems can reduce the water table of the soil and decrease some of the hydrostatic pressure. Additionally, your waterproofing contractor can provide additional structural support for the walls with building components such as steel I beams.