Wet Basement

Wet Basement Your home will probably be you're the biggest domestic expense in your life. Your home is not only your biggest investment, but it is the structure that you use to protect your family from the elements, feed your family, and welcome visitors. To protect this very important structure, you will want to do everything possible to keep it in good condition. You won't have to be an engineer or electrician or read tons of home improvement books to be able to identify potential problem areas in your home, but there are some key elements we suggest you look out for. You should always be on the lookout for any sources of problems that can bring water into your homes. Regularly, you should be checking under the sinks in your house to make sure there are no leaks in the pipes, and you should be checking your basements for any cracks, water leaks, or water in the basement. The basement is the most common point of water entry into the house. Water can come into the house over the top of the foundation, through the footings, and down the walls. Any amount of water that comes into the house this way can cause a water problem. Nearly all homes are susceptible to the buildup of water pressures and small water leaks around or through the foundation. Your home and concrete foundation may be structurally sound, but no foundation is made to last forever, and even the best ones may have micro cracks in them that can allow some amount of water to enter. Even the smallest leaks and cracks in the concrete walls can cause health problems and develop into bigger problems if you do not intervene fast enough to manage the problems.

Small leaks in the foundation can turn intro bigger leaks, and eventually your basement may develop flooding or a real water problem, potentially causing health or property problems. Fix the problem now before it gets any worse! Hire a contractor or basement waterproofing company to get rid of your water problem forever. The basement waterproofing company or contractor that you select will have the job of either removing the water that is in the house, plugging up the leaks that are causing the problem, or building a pump system to reduce the amount of water that is pooling underneath the floor of your basement and around the foundation.

A sump pump system is a highly productive, and fairly inexpensive system to remove groundwater that has pooled and drained around your residence. A sump pump system may be very beneficial to your house even if you have never had a basement flood or obvious water problem such as visible puddling of water on your basement floor. High moisture levels in the air and walls of your basement can still translate into air quality problems and the possibility of mold. Sump pumps can reduce the amount of humidity if the basement air and drain large amounts of water away from the basement. The type of sump pump that you choose may depend on the severity of your water problem and other needs.